Our Services

Data-driven Strategies + Unmatched Political Expertise

Political Expertise and Datamine Expertise are the core of everything we do. Combined, they allow us to make accurate and effective decisions.

Political Expertise

Over 30 years of political expertise successfully managing campaigns from local to federal.

Datamine Expertise

Our data experts deploy and leverage state-of-the-art, machine-learning DataMines.

Thorough Research

Thorough research built on accuracy.

Precision Polling

Survey tactics with dead-on results.

Data Analysis

Translating data into actionable intelligence.

Mail & Print

Top-Notch Direct Mail & Print That Sways Voters


State-Of-The-Art Digital & Social Communications


Quick, Effective, & Affordable Live & Automated Calls


TV & Radio Ad Production & Placement

Ground & Mobilization

Ground Targeting & Mobilization Campaign Management

Political Expertise

Over 30 Years Of Experience Managing Successful Campaigns

Since 1987, Data Targeting has been the general consultant for thousands of campaigns, ranging from municipal elections where several hundred votes make the difference to statewide campaigns where we’re communicating with millions of voters. We have an experienced and knowledgeable staff who’s committed to electing like-minded candidates. The strategies and tactics we deploy are rooted in unmatched campaign experience, a deep understanding of political environment, and high-quality communications standards.

If one thing has proven true in all campaigns, it’s that the political landscape can change on a dime. With Data Targeting in your corner, you have the political experts who know how to develop winning strategies and understand precisely when to adjust.

This isn’t our first rodeo – but we treat every campaign like it is.

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