About Us

We’re More Than Full-Service. We’re An Integrated-Service Consulting Firm.

That means that every step, every decision, and every action we take is part of a proven, deliberate, and data-driven process. We use an exhaustive approach in everything we do, developing client strategies that are grounded in data-driven methods and unmatched political expertise. We will work within your budget to understand what is known, learn what is unknown, and develop precise strategies that maximize your efforts while minimizing the expense.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop effective, data-driven strategies and equip like-minded candidates and organizations with the most sophisticated political advocacy tools to win elections, influence policy, and effect change within the political arena.

The Data Advantage

At Data Targeting, we don’t just strive to change the game in politics. We aim to own the arena. Everything we do is rooted in one simple, yet often overlooked principle: to let the data speak for itself. Data is the core of everything we do; we not only look at the facts as they are today, but the truth of what they mean for tomorrow. And we aim to make this the new norm when bringing your vision to reality.

Hindsight is 20/20 — What if Foresight Could Be?

Old practices and cookie-cutter “politics as usual” will leave your campaign behind in the dust. Our company does things differently. Though we have years of knowledge and experience that makes us the best in our field, we are also the forerunners of technology that is driving the future of politics. We don’t just give you the data — we give you a chance to see what’s next.

If you had the the opportunity to peek into the future — wouldn’t you? It’s an offer that’s hard to refuse. Our data allows you to predict voters’ next steps even before they do. And that’s the difference with Data Targeting.

Naples Daily News

[Pat Bainter's] firm’s presence can be felt nearly everywhere...

The Florida Times-Union

...Pat Bainter, one of the biggest names in Florida GOP politics.

Miami Herald

Data Targeting has been closely involved in the Republican Party of Florida's legislative victories.

Our Values

  1. Putting Our Clients First:
    We’re a business with a dedicated team of experts. We provide personalized service that goes beyond getting the client a finished product. You are our first priority — that means we won’t just tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to win.

  2. Ensuring Accuracy and Consistency:
    Assumptions can make the difference between a winning strategy and one that loses by a fraction of a percent. And while it’s hard to predict the ever-changing political landscape, our work and expertise are rooted in accurate data and facts, never assumptions.

  3. Challenging Conventional Thinking:
    Our name says it all: we believe in the power and potential of data. We don’t rely on conventional wisdom. We ask ourselves the tough questions and use innovative ways to find the answers.

  4. Leading Our Profession:
    We aim to be the forerunners who set the new standard for political expertise, constantly creating new technologies to expand the boundaries of what is possible in politics. Our goal is to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the political climate using the most efficient platforms possible.

  5. Maintaining Integrity While Being Effective:
    In the world of politics, no one plays nice. But we strive to rise above the lies and the unethical practices that people associate with the industry. We draw a line in the sand while still achieving big wins.

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