Keith Perry

Keith Perry for Florida Senate

The Challenge

Florida Senate District 08 leans towards the Democrats. Registration was 43% for the Democrats and 34.5% for the Republicans in 2016. On top of that, FLSD08 was carried by Obama in the 2 previous Presidential Elections.

The Solution

Based on the historical performance maps that Data Targeting developed, Keith Perry would need to win Marion and Putnam counties by a large margin, and tie or lose by a low margin in Alachua County. He would also have to outperform Donald Trump by a significant margin and win over the majority of independents in FLSD08.

Data Targeting accomplished this by ensuring the following tactical areas were well thought-out, well-managed, properly funded and given clear direction.

  • High Quality Research
  • Benchmark Messaging Polling
  • Focus Groups
  • Tracking Polling
  • Opposition Research
  • Specops Local Issues Research
  • Consistent Web Presence
  • Creative Direct Mail
  • Standout TV & Radio Ads
  • Paid & Volunteer Phone Calls
  • Early Groundwork Late Grassroots

Campaign Material Samples




Radio Spots

The Results

Trump carried the district by a slim 209 votes. Perry received 8,386 more votes than Donald Trump. 5,094 MORE ballots were cast in the Senate Race than the Presidential.

Keith Perry defeated Rod Smith by 6% and nearly 12,000 votes.