Our Process

Every step, every decision, and every action we take is part of a proven, deliberate, and data-driven process. We use an exhaustive approach in everything we do, developing client strategies that are grounded in data-driven methods and unmatched political expertise. We will work within your budget to understand what is known, learn what is unknown, and develop precise strategies that maximize your efforts while minimizing the expense.

Our process has helped guide thousands of political campaigns and dozens of organizations to victory throughout the years.

Begin Comprehensive Data Discovery

Every campaign begins with understanding which datasets are available and which are relevant. To guide decisions, we leverage our in-house voter database, census data, membership databases, and third-party list enhancements. Our data scientists will research and request any available data to gain a better understanding and lay the groundwork for the campaign.

Perform Deep-Dive Analysis

From developing comprehensive research packets and opposition books to performing an in-depth analysis of voter turnout and modeling, our primary goal when performing a deep-dive analysis is to gain a broad understanding of the known information relevant to a campaign.

Conduct Primary Research

In order to build on our knowledge, we aim to have a comprehensive understanding of the candidate, the opposition, the voter, and the political climate. We conduct primary research to confirm or discredit any assumptions, validate findings from our Deep Dive Analysis, and fill the gaps of unknown information. This is achieved through web surveys, live polling, focus groups, and canvassing.

Craft Your Winning Strategy

After building intelligence, we can craft an effective plan that allows us to laser-focus on the voters, the issues, and the locations that are pertinent to your campaign, while eliminating the white noise. We don’t do guesswork — we have the tools, the knowledge, and the experience to develop the strategy that works for your team.

Develop On-message Creative Materials

The average voter will look at a piece of mail for less than 6 seconds. That’s why our messages are rooted in the research — we get directly into the minds of the voters we need to target. Our design team creates print ads, direct mail, television ads, websites, and digital advertising that have the highest chance of making an impact that lasts.

Evaluate Campaign Success Continually

Political environment can change in a matter of minutes. At Data Targeting, we pride ourselves on our ability to monitor the success of campaigns, stay informed about political nuances, and shift strategy on a dime. In order to win, you need to be one step ahead.

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