Matt Pesek

Project Manager & Consultant

Creates and executes campaign plans, oversees design projects, and also doubles as a writer and researcher.

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Jon Lowrey

Data Engineer

Database programming, report writing, list generation, and server maintenance.

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Nic Bainter


Generate lists to be used for voter and member engagement. Responsible for the majority of the IT work in the office.

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Jason Dressel

Creative Director

Oversees client communications and project management related to direct mail and other design projects.

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Ryan English

Graphic Designer

Designs logos and print media to meet any campaign needs.

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Keri Culpepper

Graphic Designer

Designs and creates unique visual concepts for campaign materials.

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Neil Polzin


Research and copywriting for campaign materials.

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Corey Noble

Researcher, Copywriter

Researches candiates, elections, and special projects. Generates content for political communications. Works with clients to help develop messaging that wins.

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Research & Polling

Matt Mitchell

Survey Research Director, Consultant

Leads survey research department and special research projects, performs general consulting services for clients and advises on strategy and tactics for key projects and campaigns.

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Jasmine Qronfleh

Survey Research Analyst

Produces effective survey scripts to peek inside the minds of target audiences and potential voters surrounding particular issues. Processes, analyzes and presents survey results on behalf of client campaigns.

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Alexander Holzbach

Research Director at Data Targeting Research, Jacksonville Office

Conducts thorough and extensive background research on the personal and professional lives of specific candidates.

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Matthew Leclair

Research Specialist at Data Targeting Research, Jacksonville Office

Conducts full and comprehensive investigations into political opponents' personal and professional lives to evaluate vulnerability.

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Ben Ketnick

Web Director

Oversees the development of websites, emails, display ads, social media, web apps, and all things digital.

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Lee Townsend

Web Designer/Developer

Designs, builds and manages websites. Creates emails, web ads and social graphics.

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Nicole Baird

Social Media and Digital Marketing Coordinator

Produces digital advertising campaigns through ad placements and Search Engine Optimization to drive traffic, improve rankings, and increase engagement. Manages social media accounts for best growth.

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Finance & Management

Melanie Ostovic

Finance & Internal Operations Coordinator

Dabbles in every department to enhance productivity, communication, and organization throughout the company.

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